A Hogwarts How-To: Your Next Harry Potter Halloween Party!

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It's almost Halloween and we've all been quarantined. Cheer up everyone, a Harry Potter-themed Halloween Party is exactly what the doctor (or Muggle Healer) ordered! We'll take you on a tour of one of our most enchanting Halloween parties:
all in the world of Harry Potter!
With their ticket in hand, your guests can reach the Hogwarts Express right from your front door! Here we go...

This 9-3/4 door sign was a print out we found online and we found this fun brick paper at our local party store (Hobby Lobby has a teacher section with lots of fun bulletin board paper). You can use this in other places around your party too such as the wall behind the food tables. (You can also buy it pre-made on Amazon.)



Spiders, rats, and other creepy things are a MUST for your Harry Potter Party! Shop around at party stores (MichaelsParty City, Oriental Trading Co, or Amazon) or home decor stores (Home Goods, Marshalls, etc.) for creepy-crawlies of all kinds!
And of course, spider webs are also a MUST. If you don't have your own real cobwebs around your house (maybe you've been spending your quarantine cleaning house), you can buy this faux spider web anywhere Halloween decor is sold and spread it around everywhere to create the perfect Halloween ambiance!!

These awesome skull candy dishes were passed down from friends, but you may be able to find them online. Use them for candy at your Hogwarts Candy Bar or for fun table centerpieces, use orange & red tissue paper bunched up and popping out of the top for that extra fiery look!
We also added glow sticks at each place setting for our guests to find their way through those dark dungeons...or at least to the dessert table!


Sometimes you can find cool artwork or home decor at thrift stores or home stores - like this slithery metal snake we found! He can keep watch at any Halloween Party in your future too!


Dim the lights in the room and add twinkle lights in white, orange, or purple for that intimate Halloween glow! 

Battery operated tea lights in colored jars will light the way for your guests from room to room!

We created this inviting coffee bar and added a creepy paper backdrop behind it to darken up the spot! Look for old vintage-type bottles and jars at local thrift stores to create a sinister feel to any area of your party or turn them into "potion" jars.

Your food or dessert tables should always be a big focal point. You can add cauldrons or terra-cotta pots full of treats. Add levels to your table decor by placing small boxes or books underneath the tablecloth for dimension.  

Having a Halloween gathering during quarantine? Don't forget: SAFETY FIRST! You can still have an enchanting Candy Bar by using individually wrapped candy! For more ideas on this important tip, check out last month's KDO Designs Blog HERE! 

Check out our signature Harry Potter Candy Bar signs hand crafted for that extra ghoulish touch!

"Witches Brew" cooking over a hot fire! These little pails can hang down from a witches broom placed between two vintage candlesticks.  

Party decor isn't the only thing that will keep the magic going at your Harry Potter Party. We got all our muggles, purebloods, and squibs involved with some fun activities such as a "Sorting Ceremony" in the "Great Hall" to determine which Hogwarts House our guests were assigned to! You can find a "Sorting Hat" at Target that even moves and talks!

If you have a fireplace at your home, you can create this cool effect: Dursley's Fireplace complete with flying acceptance letters! We purchased photo light strings from TJ Maxx as they have tiny clothespins attached. (You can also find great deals on Amazon). We strung the lights from inside the fireplace and up to the ceiling. We attached black envelopes along the string lights with all of our guests' names printed on them! During the party, our guests took pictures at a fun photo booth. We printed those pics out after the party and mailed them in their personal envelope - a little keepsake from a fun night!


These floating candles were easy to make using toilet paper rolls and battery operated tea lights glued to the top. Attach fishing wire strands from the ceiling and simply attach your candles to hang down. This is a really cool effect you can do anywhere around your party! The more the creepier!
The internet is FULL of so many amazing ideas for an incredible Harry Potter Halloween Party. But don't forget to stop by www.kdodesigns.com for our handmade party decor packages. Your party is sure to be out of this world! 
Happy Halloween everyone!



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