Four Unusual Baby Shower Games

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Congratulations, parents-to-be! You have announced your pregnancy to your extended social network and there is so much to do before you meet the newest arrival.

A baby shower or sprinkle is your inner circle’s way of helping you prepare for the joys of parenthood, but after five or six showers with the same games and stories, they start to feel more like a chore than a celebration.

For a shower as unique as the little person you’re welcoming, stay away from chocolate-filled diapers (who would think that’s a good idea?) and body-shaming Mommy Measurement games and try these activities instead!

Balloon Baby Twister

It’s a new spin (get it?) on an old classic! Have guests blow up one (or more!) balloons and put them under their shirts. Play Twister as intended, with the added challenge of not popping any of balloon babies! The person who doesn’t fall AND still has the balloon baby intact wins, but the true victor is the mom-to-be, who gets to sit back and watch her friends contort themselves like pretzels.

Baby Food Buffet

Who says baby food is all indistinguishable vegetable mush? Prepare different combinations ahead of time and serve them all buffet-style in unmarked bowls. Each guest will sample them and guess the ingredients, with the most distinguished palate taking the prize! Some special combos include broccoli-kiwi, blueberry-yam, and green bean-banana-pear. Just make sure to warn your guests of any allergens like tree nuts or citrus.

Baby Name Generator

Grab a set of Scrabble tiles and have each guest take seven. What is the most realistic and original name they can make from their letters? Write down the best ones and have the other guests describe the personality traits that would go with each name.

The Psychic Game

Get every guest to write down what they think the baby will be like at five, fifteen, and twenty-five years old. What hobbies will they enjoy? What futuristic job will they do? Mom then has to guess which guest made which prediction. Keep track of them in a little time capsule notebook so you can look back on them when your child is grown up. Who was closest?

While a baby shower’s raison d’etre is to help parents prepare for all the big changes, it shouldn’t be a source of stress for anyone involved. Keep it light and fun and true to you!


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