How to throw a Baby Shower Parade!

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When your only daughter is having her first baby, you can't let a little thing like quarantine stop you from celebrating! We were so excited to host our first Baby Shower Parade for De's daughter Robyn and her husband Jordan!

True, we can't really gather the way we used to for a Baby Shower with desserts, games, and all those unique little party effects. But we found a new way to celebrate that is safe and simple yet turned out to be a total blast for our Mommy-to-Be and all her friends and family! A Baby Shower Parade! Here's what this fun day looked like...

Check out this fun little video with all the highlights of this fun day...

Our shower theme was 'Under the Sea.' Our Mom-&-Dad-To-Be are avid scuba divers so they chose this sweet theme for the baby's nursery. What a fun theme for a shower, too! We decorated the driveway with some cute underwater decor to let all of our parade guests know that this is the spot!

These pallet backdrops served as our theme's "centerpiece" and we had fun decorating them with banners, garland, balloons, and some fun Under the Sea pictures and wall art we found in the clearance sections at party and home stores.

This large picture frame was a painting we found in clearance at Hobby Lobby for practically a steal! We simply painted over the artwork to make a blank canvas, strung some twine with clothespins across, and this is where our guests hung up their "Family Traditions" cards they were asked to fill out for our guest of honor!
We also created our version of a Gift Table with this cute turtle sandbox sitting next to his friend, the scuba-diving octopus! 

We can't host a shower without a favor! To go with our theme, we filled little sand pails with salt water taffy and added a label thanking our guests for being a part of the parade and Robyn's special day!

A warm, sunshiney day calls for a beach umbrella and a comfy chair for Mom-to-Be! We found these darling party lanterns-turned-octopi at our local party store. But these could be easy to make on your own as well! The round lanterns are easy to find and you can add legs just by stapling on some long strips of paper and adding a cute face!

Now that our backdrop and driveway decor were set, we were ready for our guests!


Up the street, friends and family gathered with cars decorated and music ready to blare from their car stereos. We chose a trusted friend to lead the caravan. She gave each driver a half sheet of instructions for the day's events:

1st round: Caravan will parade in front of the house, say their Hello's, drop off a gift and their special "Family Traditions" card. They will also collect a little plastic sea creature with a number on it.

2nd round: Back around the block, this time our guests of honor and her family held up signs with all the winners: the winning number of the sea creature drawn, the most festively decorated car, and the best "baby" song blaring from their car stereo! 

3rd round: Time to say goodbye, take a picture with the Mommy-to-Be, and receive their party favor. 

You can easily create a Baby or Bridal Shower Parade with any theme you choose. Don't let this quarantine get you down! Create a special day for your guest of honor in a safe yet fun and memorable way! 


Our list of Top 10 Baby Songs:

  • Baby Love - The Supremes
  • Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
  • Hey Baby - No Doubt
  • Love to Love You Baby - Donna Summer
  • Always Be My baby - Mariah Carey
  • Baby - Justin Bieber
  • Be My Baby - The Ronettes
  • Baby I Love Your Way - Peter Frampton
  • Don't Worry Baby - The Beach Boys
  • Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

(Play these loud and proud from your car stereo as you parade by!)



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