Our new HARRY POTTER products are spellbinding! Come and see...

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Check out all of our NEWEST Harry Potter themed products at www.kdodesigns.com You'll find just what you need for a spell-binding party, perfect for wizards and muggles alike! 











These are perfect for your next Harry Potter Birthday party or Halloween shindig! Use them just about anywhere...as part of your centerpieces, on your food or dessert tables, or anywhere you want to symbolize which Hogwarts House your guests are assigned to by the Sorting Hat! 


These NEW napkin rings with Harry's signature lightening bolts are magical, don't you think? 

Welcome all of your Goblins with this NEW "Gringott's Bank" banner!


This set of 12 clear favor boxes feature the crests of each of the four Hogwarts Houses (three of each house) and offer a fun way to hand out candy, small treats and other party favors to your guests!


Buying your first wand? Choose this fun new "Ollivanders" banner...or let it magically choose you!   


There are plenty more enchanting Harry Potter products at www.kdodesigns.com. You'll find Candy Bar signs as well as more fun Banners, including "Happy Halloween" or "Happy Birthday," all inspired by Harry Potter's Hogwarts or Gryffindor signature styles!



Happy Wizarding! 

(Check out next week's Blog for some exciting ideas on throwing the most magical Harry Potter Halloween Party the Muggle world has ever seen!) 





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