Party Prep: Use This No-Fail Checklist to Make Party Planning a Breeze

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While we throw parties year round, from showers to kid’s birthdays, to me the party season goes into full swing starting with Halloween and continuing until the ball drops in the new year. So with your dance card filling up, I thought I’d share some proven tips from my no-fail checklist - guaranteed to reduce stress and increase fun!

No matter what the occasion, you want to be sure you keep your guests laughing, dancing and generally having the best time ever without obsessing about the details.

Three Months Out:

With 90 days to go, you should have all the logistics worked out. Day, time, location, guest list, and budget. Now is the time to consider your theme and figure out the caterer - unless that caterer is you! Regardless you should have a sense of the menu, right down to the desserts. Your location will influence whether you need to rent tables, chairs and linens. 

Two Months Out:

Now is the time to finalize the invitations and send them to your guests - preferably by snail mail. Your decorations should start to come together now including any needed photos, slideshows or music. It’s not too early to order thank you notes or any banners you might need.


One Month to Go:

Start buying! Pick up decorations, drinks and order food and desserts. Follow up with vendors and make sure you have the ice chests, serving utensils, vases, wine openers and sign-in book. Check in with the caterer, florist and anyone else who will be bringing joy to your party!




The Week of:

Confirm delivery times, shop for last minute supplies and order flowers. If you can start decorating, do as much as you can. If you are having the event in your home, you can do more than if you are having the party at another location so take advantage of it!

Day of:

It’s a busy day of picking up supplies, food, decorations and anything else you’ve ordered. Fill the ice chests, set the tables and finish decorating. Be sure to leave plenty of time to get ready and charge your phone so you can take LOTS of photos! Most importantly, enjoy yourself! This is where all your excellent planning pays off and enables you to have fun!!

Want your own checklist? Download a copy so you can stop worrying and start planning that menu!


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