Safe and simple ways to display banners at your next event!

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Fun, handmade banners are a necessity for any party or event. Why? Banners set the tone for the events of the day. They draw your guests’ attention to your theme, as well as bring the focal point to specific areas at the party such as your cake or food table or areas where your guests can gather. A great banner can make your guests feel welcomed and ready to have some fun!

As you decorate, figuring out where to hang your banners so they catch the eye of your guests can be a little tricky. We've included some examples below of eye-catching places we’ve displayed banners at some of our events.

And what is the best way to hang a banner so it stays put but doesn’t damage a wall or a door? After your event is over, you want to have lasting memories of your party through fun pictures and videos. A spot on your wall with a permanent chunk of paint ripped away because of that duct tape you used to hang your banner is no way to hold onto a memory of that fun day!

Here are some of the ways we’ve hung banners that have worked well for us:


Welcome your guests with a banner on a front door or garage door! We've used painters tape or gaffers tape on outside spaces. 


Don't forget...if it's windy, use a little tape on the back side of your banner pieces or letters to ensure it stays in place outside!


 If you're hanging a banner on a brick wall like this one, we like to use some sturdy duct tape or gaffers tape to hold it in place.



We always use safety pins to attach banners to tablecloths or photo backdrops. Pinning them from behind the fabric hides your clever hanging technique and draws attention to your fun banner instead!! 


 Command Hooks are handy to use when you're hanging banners on painted walls. They're designed to avoid pulling off paint when you are taking your banner down, and they can preserve your banner to reuse or to give to the guest of honor for a fun keepsake of their day! 


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