Six Gender Reveal Party Themes

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“What are you having?”

It’s the question asked most often to moms-to-be, which explains why so many expectant parents are finding more creative ways to tell the world. Gender reveal parties are a cute way to celebrate your family’s soon-to-be newest arrival and let your family know whether they’ll get to meet a bouncing baby boy or beautiful baby girl.

Your first step should be deciding a theme - is everything going to be pink and blue? Are you celebrating with a hobby both parents share? The theme should set the scene for the games and activities, and here are six of our favorites:

Bikini or Board Shorts?

A beach theme is perfect for a summer baby! Blast the Beach Boys and have your guests don their best Hawaiian prints. Guests can wear flowered lei garlands to make their guess. The reveal itself could be done using pink or blue sand.

Witch or Wizard?

We love a good Harry Potter themed party, so why not design your reveal around the boy who lived and the brightest witch of her age? Guests can write short letters to the future Quidditch champ to be opened on their eleventh birthday - just like a letter from Hogwarts. Have a corner to practice spells using stick wands, and set up a candy bar to rival Honeydukes. The reveal could be a dementor piñata filled with blue or pink candy, or a cauldron full of blue or pink potion!

Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys?

A fun way to celebrate your future gumshoe is to make your guests solve a mystery to reveal the gender! Lock the answer in a chest using a combination lock and have partygoers solve riddles to get the numbers.

Staches or lashes?

Fake mustaches and novelty glitter makeup from the dollar store guarantees that this gender reveal party will end up all over Instagram. Make sure you have plenty of other photo booth accessories - feather boas and silly hats especially.

Geek Girl or Fanboy?

The beauty of this theme is that the parents can customize the theme to be whatever pop culture characters they love. Luke or Leia? Wonder Woman or Superman? Zelda or Link? King or Khaleesi? If you’re going to share your fandom with your child, start early. The reveal could come down to mom and dad having a duel with glowing blue or pink light sabers.

Zeus or Hera?

Greco-Roman deity names are increasing in popularity, and an Olympus-themed gender reveal gives a lot to work with. Guests would sport their best togas and wear pink or blue victory wreath crowns. Reveal the gender by popping a balloon with a bow and arrow - Athena style!

We hope you feel inspired by our theme ideas, and remember: the most important thing is to have fun with it!


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