Tips for setting up a candy bar

Posted by Kendra Morales on

Are you wanting to have a candy bar at your next special occasion, but not sure what you’ll need for it? Want to know how much candy to buy and where to buy it from? 

Candy bars are great display piece at your party and it doubles as the favors for your guests. 

After many candy bar set ups we’ve figured out a few things. Here are some helpful tips to help you create your next candy bar:

Decide on the theme of the candy – guest of honor’s favorites, Halloween, Graduation, party theme colors, etc.

Figure out how many guests you'll have at your event. Candy Warehouse recommends about 8 oz. of candy per guest.   

Use containers with wide openings so it's easy for your guests to scoop out candy. 

Boxes or books to create different heights for the candy containers to sit on.

Filler for large containers.  We use rolls of brown kraft paper.  You can tear it, scrunch it up and put it into your container to take up space so you don't have to buy so much candy.

Scoopers and tongs, for guests to get candy

Bags or boxes for guests to take candy home

Napkins (if you have any dessert type options like brownies, cupcakes, etc.)

Fun labels for the candy.

Sign or banner to guide people over to your candy bar.

We hope our tips have given you help in setting up your candy bar for your next special occasion!



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